Google was expected to build AR glasses, and the firm did reveal a prototype pair of glasses at this year’s Google I/O conference.

The glasses appear to be focused on useful capabilities like language translation. North was purchased by Google in 2020, and their work with Google Glass pioneered smart eyeglasses about a decade earlier.

Google’s preview of its glasses was brief, but the company’s continuing advancements in AR capabilities via its phones, search, and Lens appear poised to carry over to its spectacles. However, there is no indication of when these glasses will be available for purchase.

Google has been involved in VR and AR for many years. While no business currently has everyday smart glasses in widespread usage, Google appears to be trying again.

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The emphasis on usability is one of the most intriguing aspects of its new eyewear program. The capacity to comprehend or be understood is genuinely beneficial. These glasses aren’t interested in floating dinosaurs or magical experiences; they’re here to help. Meta’s latest smart glass goals are equally utilitarian, but Google’s experience and technologies are well suited to the task.

These prototype glasses, as Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains in a blog post, are focused on providing language in a line of sight experience. Google’s AR efforts will most likely be modest, but it appears that the company is focusing on services initially. In that regard, these glasses already appear to be very different from Daydream, the more mystical VR headset. In many respects, it appears to be the type of thing I imagined Google Glass to achieve someday.

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