Google enters the smartwatch market after years of speculation with the announcement of the Google Pixel Smartwatch at the Google IO 2022 event.

Smartwatches have gained importance in the wearables sector in recent years. The popularity of these gadgets has expanded substantially in recent years, thanks to companies such as Apple. While Android has a fair number of wristwatch devices, Google did not have one. Google looks to be finally joining the market, having introduced its own wristwatch at Google IO 2022.

While this is the first time Google has officially released a Pixel-branded wristwatch, it is not the company’s first try. When Google originally announced its Pixel phone in 2016, the firm almost released a Pixel smartwatch alongside it.

However, the project was abandoned due to Google’s uncertainty about the product. Fast-forward After a few years, Google has added the Pixel 6 to its range and is now preparing to extend its device portfolio with the Pixel Watch.

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The Pixel Watch was officially unveiled at Google IO 2022, the internet giant’s annual developer conference. The design has a classic circular shape, as well as a tactile crown and side button. The Pixel Watch will run an enhanced Wear OS 3 with a redesigned user interface, smart notifications, and improved navigation.

Users may also anticipate the watch to contain native Google applications such as Google Maps, Assistant, Wallet, and Home, among others. Though it won’t be a high-priced special edition like the Tag Heuer Super Mario wristwatch, Google claims the Pixel Watch will be a “premium-priced product” and will be available this autumn.

The Pixel Watch’s connection with Fitbit was another noteworthy aspect of the launch. Though that was most likely always planned since Google paid $2.1 billion to buy the firm in 2019. According to Rick Osterloh, Google’s Senior Vice President of Devices and Services, this will go beyond modifications and will be integrated throughout the Pixel Watch experience.

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However, Osterloh has stated that Google data and Fitbit data would stay private and distinct due to a pledge made to authorities when Stadia purchased Fitbit.

The Pixel Watch will require a Google account and a phone running Android 8.0 or later to be compatible. This suggests that the future smartwatch will not work with iPhones. Aside from that, Google has yet to provide additional specifics regarding the Pixel Watch. Regardless, it will be fascinating to see how Google’s own wristwatch is received, especially given the enormous popularity of the Apple Watch.

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