Crome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla

  • The process of improving the web platform will be possible through Interpop 2022
  • The goal of Interpop 2022 is to reduce the of incompatibility between different browsers
  • For which Google, Apple, Mozilla and Microsoft will work together

Interpop 2022 aims to minimize the inconvenience caused by inconsistencies and differences between different web browsers.

In order to improve the uniform web browser experience for users

To bring this process to fruition, all major browser giants Google, Apple, Mozilla and Microsoft have decided to work together for the best user interface between Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Whenever we move from one browser to another, we do not find many options in this web browser.

That’s why through Interpop 2022, all browsers are teaming up to remove this inconsistency and barrier.

So that the web browser for the user is uniform and free from obstructions

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