Google announces to add the Unique feature in Android 13, Google has begun work on adding key features to the Android operating system version 13 of the smartphone.

According to a report published in the technology website Esper, this feature of Google will be a game-changer for users who use a second card on a phone.

Initially, this feature is being developed for Android phones, but later it can be offered for iOS and Windows users.

With this feature called Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEPs), the search engine giant wants to operate carriers on a single e-SIM.

According to the report, Google had filed a patent for this feature in 2020, while in the past there were reports that Google was testing this feature in the hardware of its smartphone Pixel.

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The purpose of this feature is to use the space reserved for the SIM card slot for hardware.

According to the report, Android 13 will be presented at Google’s Developer Conference 2022 I / O in May of the 20th year. While it will be released to consumers by the end of this year.

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