Following earlier today’s premature revelation of Apex Legends’ new playable character, developer Respawn has finally made it official. The scope-wielding Vantage – real name Mara – will be introduced in the new Stories from the Outlands video below in Apex Legends 14th Season.

Survive, as the video is actually named, explains Vantage’s tale, beginning with her discovery of the strange GDS Vantage’s remains while out hunting on her frigid home globe of Págos. As her curiosity grows, she ignores her mother’s advice to leave well alone and one day descends into the Vantage’s deep ruins, where she finds the truth – that it’s a prison ship and her mother was a prisoner on board.

Mara, joined by her new bat-like friend Echo, is imprisoned and on the verge of death, so her mother (wrongfully convicted, Respawn says elsewhere) does the only thing she can, giving up her freedom by informing the authorities of her whereabouts in the hope that they may assist.

That’s where the story stops for the time being. Expect lots more on Vantage, including her entire powers breakdown, ahead of Apex Legends’ 14th season, Hunted, which launches on August 9th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Respawn Entertainment has accidentally disclosed the next Apex Legends character to join the lineup.

The self-inflicted leak comes just in time for the latest episode of Stories from the Outlands, a series of animated films produced before each season that introduces the next Legend, which will be released tonight at 4 p.m.

Players who signed into the Apex Legends client on July 23rd may have noticed Respawn’s preview graphic. It was later deleted from the client, but not before it was immortalised on the internet.

TheKzX, a Reddit user, shared a screenshot of the preview for Stories from the Outlands: Survive, which included a greyed out button to watch the video. Apex Legends: Hunted will begin on August 9th, according to the caption.

No one who saw the preview was able to watch Survive, but the new Legend is shown up close, providing players with more than enough information to begin piecing things together.

The new character illustrated has dark hair, wears a headset, and has dark smudges along their cheekbones. They resemble Vantage, a character who appeared in the massive Apex Legends leak back in March.

Later that day, the Apex Legends Twitter account teased the announcement of a new character with the caption “Distress transmission incoming…”, with Survive being revealed the next day.

Players are now expecting Vantage, who was revealed to be a sniper in the March leak, to be announced as the next playable Legend later today.

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