Genshin Impact will join the officially supported lineup for GeForce NOW on June 23rd, bringing the action RPG to the cloud streaming service in over 80 countries.
The announcement follows a beta testing phase that leads the HoYoverse team to decide to forward with this extension of choices for how and where to play. When GeForce NOW support becomes available, you’ll be able to play Genshin Impact on mobile as well as stream and play on PC, Mac, and Chromebook.

Wenyi Jin, HoYoverse’s VP of Globalization, said in a press release, “We feel that GeForce NOW allows both existing fans to broaden where and how they play, and new gamers to start with additional alternatives.”

With such a large worldwide network, Genshin Impact is expanding. The team recently put up a new beta testing application for a few days, with suspicions circulating that it was for 3.0. With just three of Teyvat’s seven major cities online at the moment, there are more upgrades planned, including additional cities, seasons, tales, and more character additions.

At this point, the impact of launching via cloud-streaming on new platforms and even in new geographies cannot be overstated. With the advent and proliferation of cloud-based streaming services with higher quality and results in month after month, it opens up games to new audiences, but it also brings some criticism and a few difficulties.

Some studios continue to limit cloud-based streaming services or outright prohibit them as part of their policies. The main issues appear to be data and the possibility of cheating on some competitive titles. However, when some of the world’s most popular games officially join cloud-streaming services, we’ll have to wait and watch what happens next. More information may be found at HoYoverse.

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