Facebook Gaming allows developers to create Reels.

Clips to Reels is a new feature from Facebook Gaming that looks similar to TikTok. People who create content will be able to transform gameplay clips into reels using the Clips to Reels functionality. We learned last month that Facebook was introducing a new option called “clip to Reels,” which provided content makers with a new method to reduce large films down to 60 seconds in Creator Studio.

However, this was only available on PC using Creator Studio. Facebook Gaming said that the new tool is currently accessible to partners and level-up producers. This makes it easy to convert gameplay footage into reels.

With game clipping reels, content creators may reduce streaming video to fit in a vertical format that mobile customers can see. When the streamer’s face cam shows in the lower left corner of the PC screen, everyone can see their game. Now that video producers have more power, they may position the face cam on top and the game footage on the bottom.

The creative Studio clips collection facilitated the process by allowing content producers to trim and connect clips to make them the appropriate length for Reels. They accomplished this by cutting off bits and merging them together.

They may post the clip on Reel with the original audio or add music, stickers, or GIFs to make it more interactive. Done? They’d have to download the reel again and re-upload it to Facebook and Instagram.

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