Expo 2020 Best Pavilion Award to Pakistan: Pakistan’s Trade and Investment Adviser Abdul Razzaq Dawood has said that Pakistan has been awarded Silver Award for constructing the best pavilion for Dubai Expo 2020. According to Arab News, Abdul Razzaq Dawood said that Pakistan was selected in 192 pavilions by an international jury.

Pakistan last week won the Bridge C award for best exterior design, while the current award went to interior design. The Dubai Expo started in October last year, during which more than one million tourists visited the Pakistan Pavilion.

Commerce Minister Abdul Razzaq Dawood wrote in a tweet on Thursday “An international jury was hired to select the best of the pavilions for Expo 2020, which declared the Pakistani pavilion the best of 192 pavilions and won the Silver Award.”

He added.”We received a tremendous response to this event and more than one million tourists visited the Pakistani pavilion, exceeding our expectations,”

Trade Adviser Abdul Razzaq Dawood thanked the Pakistani team and the Pakistani Embassy in the UAE for their excellent creative performance. Remember that the closing ceremony of Expo 2020 was held on Thursday night, in which a spectacular fireworks display was held.

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