The Epic Titles Store has been going to give away some top-tier games for free over the past few weeks. Borderlands 3, BioShock: The Collection, Prey, and others are among them. While no one can say no to a free game, it does raise the question of why the Epic Games Store gives these games out so freely.

Following the bombardment of popular games that were free for a brief period under the Epic Games Store, this topic has become even more pressing. The answer is complex, and it has to do with Epic Games’ position in the industry.

Every week, the Epic Games Store releases a free game that anybody with an Epic Games Store account may download. This might be anything from a small-budget game like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter to a big-budget blockbuster like the Tomb Raider Trilogy. These games will only be accessible for a few days before the shop goes on to the next free game in line, but if a player obtains them during that time frame, they will be theirs to keep with no further fees or microtransactions.

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Giving out games on a regular basis is an expensive endeavor. Epic Games spent millions on free games for the store, according to a document from last year. The corporation spent $1.4 million on Subnautica alone, and $1.5 million on the Batman: Arkham series. The paper also details how many new Epic Games Store customers each game attracted, explaining the company’s reasoning for the weekly free games.

Simply told, it’s an excellent marketing technique. There are several online video game stores, with Steam being by far the most popular. To keep up with them, the Epic Games Store is giving out games on a weekly basis, something that even the most well-known game retailers don’t do — or at least not as frequently. It’s a great method to persuade people to download the company’s gaming client, which isn’t always easy given that most PC gamers already have Steam installed.

After installing the client, a customer is somewhat more likely to purchase something from the Epic Games Store, and every purchase is a victory for the firm. Aside from that, giving away games is a terrific method to gain exposure. This is true for both Epic Games and the business behind the free title because every story on Epic Games’ free games — such as this one — is free advertising.

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Aside from that, the Epic Games Store strives to set itself apart from competing platforms in various ways. For example, the business has stated that it is “open” to hosting games that employ blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, as long as they abide by all applicable regulations. This occurred shortly after Steam had banned similar games. This gives the corporation access to more exclusive arrangements with people in the blockchain gaming sector, but it also risks alienating consumers who are opposed to the technology. Regardless, perhaps one day the Epic Games Store will provide free crypto or NFT-based game.

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Until then, fans may experience Wolfenstein: The New Order, the newest free game on the Epic Games Store. The game will be available for free until June 9, at which point the business will reveal its next mystery game. The site has been thrust into the limelight thanks to a regular series of popular game offers, causing many users to speculate on what free game may be released next. Regardless matter how true these hypotheses are, the corporation will benefit from the exposure. The Epic Games Store’s marketing strategy appears to be working rather nicely.

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