European Union legislation to control artificial intelligence: The rapid development in the field of the internet has introduced many new technologies, one of which is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, especially in the last two decades, has come up with machines capable of ‘thinking’.This growing use of artificial intelligence has caused concern in the European Union, And they are legislating to make it lawful.

According to a report, in this first attempt to bring artificial intelligence under the purview of law, the first goal of European legislators is to create humane and reliable artificial intelligence.

The Artificial Intelligence Act, enacted by the European Union, will be the first attempt to regulate artificial intelligence worldwide. The European Union began work on a framework to legalize artificial intelligence in 2018. This framework was part of the EU’s broader digital decreed regulations.

However, work on legislation on artificial intelligence has been relatively slow, with the EU focusing on the Digital Market Act and the Digital Services Act. The draft EU law is being scrutinized, with some quarters criticizing it.

Opponents of the law say that with the rise of computer power, artificial intelligence technology is becoming an important part of human life around the world. But the EU wants to crack down on artificial intelligence before it becomes a threat to humans.

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