Etsy sellers are boycotting a fee increase, Thousands of Etsy merchants have expressed their dissatisfaction with the company’s decision to raise the fees they must pay with each transaction. The boost in sales from 5% to 6.5 percent began on Monday, prompting Etsy seller Kristi Cassidy to urge vendors to close their online storefronts and buyers to refrain from purchasing for one week.

The petition has been signed by almost 15,000 individuals. It’s unclear how many retailers have shut down their internet shops as well. During the epidemic, Etsy saw a huge increase in income and bought the Brazilian e-commerce platform Elo7.

”Etsy made bank over the pandemic,” Cassidy said in the petition. “They followed up these record pandemic gains by turning around and sticking it to their sellers.”

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According to Cassidy, another concern is an ad program from which some sellers are unable to opt-out, which adds unpredictably high charges to transactions. She’s also demanded that the site tighten down on merchants who resale items they didn’t manufacture.

An Etsy spokeswoman stated in a statement that the additional costs will help pay for attempts to solve some of Cassidy’s issues, such as eliminating listings that violate the company’s regulations. “We’re committed to giving our 5.3 million sellers exceptional value so they can build their businesses while keeping Etsy a respected, trusted, and vibrant marketplace,” a spokeswoman said.

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