Elon Musk’s StarLink services banned in France, A French court has banned Elon Musk, the founder of Space X, from Starlink Services on environmental grounds. According to the foreign news agency, a case was filed against Starlink by some environmental groups in France against Elon Musk’s Starlink project.

French telecom operator Arcep was also named as a party in the case, which is being heard in the French Supreme Court. In February 2021, Arcep provided Starlink double-frequency bands that were connected to the company’s satellite cluster for French customers.

Stephen Khrushchev, head of Act for the Environment, was one of the environmental groups that dragged Starlink to court. According to the court, the decision to grant Starlink licenses could affect access to the high bandwidth internet market and the interests of end-users.

Public opinion should have been sought before Starlink was licensed, but Arcep did not.

According to the court decision, Starlink will no longer be able to use the frequency of these two bands within the confines of the conference.

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