The streaming giant had lost over 200,000 customers for the first time in over a decade. (Netflix had expected to attract 2.5 million customers in the first quarter; however, the suspension of its service in Russia cost the company 700,000 subscribers.)

Netflix’s poor earnings announcement led its stock price to drop by roughly 23%, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the world’s richest man with a net worth of over $260 billion, looked to be celebrating the news.

“The awakened mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable,” Musk tweeted late Tuesday night in response to news about Netflix’s poor performance.

When a user responded to Musk that the “Woke mind virus is the biggest threat to the civilization,” Musk agreed, replying, “Yes.”

“Not just Netflix,” said another user, @nichegamer, in a tweet to Musk. For fear of offending a green haired freak next to the ban button, movies in general, videogames, and television are all plagued with current year-trend woke trash. There is nothing unique now, with the exception of media from Japan or Korea, unfortunately.”

“True,” Musk said once again, adding, “Can they simply make sci-fi/fantasy at least mostly about sci-fi/fantasy?”

It’s interesting for Musk to criticize Netflix, given that the streaming service has partnered with him on a number of fawning documentary projects, including Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space, a docuseries chronicling the SpaceX Inspiration4 orbital mission, and Return to Space, an all-access documentary by Oscar-winner James Cameron.

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Musk appears to be criticizing Netflix’s efforts to diversify its content offerings by mentioning “the woke mind virus.” Despite the current outrage over Dave Chappelle’s transphobic stand-up special, the streamer has made a stronger effort to emphasize LGBTQ+ content with its subsidiary Most in recent years.

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