Elden Ring modder lowers Erdtree to improve frame rate

Elden Ring has received a lot of flak for its performance concerns, especially in its PC edition. As a result, one modder took matters into their own hands and took dramatic steps, cutting down the Erdtree.

For those who are unaware, the Ertree is the massive golden tree that not only dominates the planet with its gleaming branches, but also controls the story and lives of the residents in The Lands Between.

The removal of the Erdtree is therefore a major matter. However, it appears that its massive size and numerous particle effects were causing a drop in frame rate.

“The closer I went to the Erdtree, the more demanding the game became,” K4richard, the modder behind the Remove Erd Tree (FPS increase) mod, which is available on Nexus Mods, told PC Gamer.

“The Erdtree and a slew of particle effects were plainly the source of the issue. After eliminating the tree and a few particles, I was able to play at 30 frames per second on a low-end PC. A massive 15 frame gain on a GT 1030! This mod effectively reduced the game’s graphics card requirements “They stated.

The patch is presently in beta, with the modder intending to repair a few branches of the tree.

However, it appears to have a substantial influence on performance, particularly during some monster encounters towards the base of the tree.

Many modifications have been produced for Elden Ring since its debut, but probably the most interesting is the upcoming Convergence mod, which has the potential to radically alter the game.

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