A group of Destiny 2 cheaters has agreed to pay $13.5 million in damages to settle ongoing litigation filed by developer Bungie. The settlement means that Elite Boss Tech and its various associates have agreed to Bungie’s claim that their cheat software violated the user agreement in Destiny 2. TorrentFreak reported that Bungie has dropped other claims of its own.

The $13.5m damages were calculated based on the number of downloads of Elite Boss Tech’s software – 6765. Each instance incurred a separate $2k penalty.

Elite Boss Tech has also agreed to a permanent injunction precluding the development of any additional cheating software for Bungie’s games.

Bungie claimed that the cheats cost the company “exorbitant amounts of money,” causing the game’s reputation to suffer by disrupting players’ experiences.

Elite Boss Tech had responded by claiming that it had never copied Bungie’s code and that some of Bungie’s claims were based on unenforceable lines in the company’s own Limited Software License Agreement.

The settlement states that “this permanent injunction is binding against Defendants worldwide, regardless of the territorial scope of the specific intellectual property rights asserted in the Complaint, and may be enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction wherever Defendants or their assets may be found.”

“Defendants will face the full range of this Court’s contempt authority, including punitive, coercive, and monetary sanctions, if they violate this order.”

Earlier this year, Nintendo’s legal campaign against modders who enabled piracy resulted in one individual, Gary Bowser, being ordered to pay $14.5 million in addition to a 40-month prison sentence.

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