Cricket announces green ball test after pink: For the first time in England, the birthplace of cricket, experiments with the use of the green ball in county cricket competitions will begin. England’s famous county cricket club Leicester has hinted at using a green ball as a test on a social networking site.

The gentleman’s game, which began with red ball and white, is now undergoing a transformation in the name of modern cricket. For the first time, the Kerry-Packer World Series of Cricket introduced traditional cricket to innovation.

While this invention of Kerry Packer gave market value to cricket, players and cricket boards also became financially comfortable. The glitter of money has forced cricket organizers to replace Kerry Packer with traditional cricket.

The 1992 Cricket World Cup in Australia was also a part of this series in which Kerry Packer’s changes were adopted apart from traditional cricket. This colorful World Cup ran away from everyone, the eyes of the sponsors and broadcasters were also stunned to see this color of cricket.

Cricket observers say that the rule of white ball in cricket after the 1992 World Cup has given a new lease of life to cricket. From the womb of Test cricket to ODI cricket and then from the womb of ODI cricket to the birth of T20 cricket, cricket saw many ups and downs.

Similarly, the journey from the red ball to the white ball and then to the punk ball is also very interesting. Leicestershire’s recent announcement of the use of the green ball in cricket is set to take cricket on a new path.

Leicester County Cricket Club has said it will try green ball in cricket matches next week. Regardless of whether the test will be successful or not, it is definitely an attempt to adapt cricket to more innovation. Cricket experts have called the use of the green ball a nightmare, saying that the use of the green ball in cricket fields is extremely difficult.

According to experts, the color of the ball and the color of the grass on the field can be very difficult for the players. Experts called the green ball experiment a failure prematurely.

It remains to be seen whether the journey of the green ball in cricket can go beyond its test journey and make its mark on the world stage.

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