Coinbase abolished transaction fees, Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, offers another great service to its users. Winebase has abolished fees for cryptocurrency transactions. However, this will only apply to customers who have a CoinBase debit card.

A statement from CoinBase said: “We have eliminated fees on card transactions for the convenience of consumers. It should be noted that Coin Base has been allowed to transact cryptocurrency in India from today.

Coinbase co-founder and chief executive officer Brian Armstrong say the world’s second-largest digital currency exchange has invested 150 150 million in India’s crypto and Web3 startups. In India, 157 digital assets were offered for trading on the first day on this platform.

Referring to his services in India, he said that this year we will be offering one thousand new jobs in India as well as various programs to attract new users. These include incentives for new CoinBase users and referral programs to encourage new users to trade cryptocurrencies.

Indian consumers will use the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to purchase cryptocurrencies from CoinBase. According to India’s Economic Survey for the year 2021-22, UPI is the largest retail payment platform in the country in terms of transactions.

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