The popular US Coffee Chain Starbucks will now also create NFT, influenced by the popularity of crypto assets. Expensive auction of digital assets around the world has also attracted the attention of individuals and the business community.

A few months ago, the American superstar Wal-Mart announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency and non-fungal tokens (NFT). Howard Schultz, the chief executive of the famous coffee chain Starbucks, has also revealed this in an open forum.

“We’re working on a new strategy to integrate the company’s future with CoinFT and cryptocurrencies,” said Howard, founder, and CEO of Starbucks. The project has also been confirmed in a recent Starbucks blog, using “non-fungible tokens” as an option for digital innovation.

Speaking at the Open Forum, the CEO said, “The future of Starbucks’ new strategy depends on the digital world.”If you look at a company, a brand, a brand, or an influencer, they’re all trying to create NFT platforms and businesses,” he added.

He also asked the forum participants questions about NFT and revealed that Starbucks will launch its digital assets by the end of 2022.

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