Google said today that Enhanced Safe Browsing, a Chrome feature that exchanges website URLs with Google to help it build a database of malicious sites, is coming to the iOS app. Google stated that the capability would be available for iPhone and iPad in the upcoming iOS version.

Google is also improving the iOS translation functionality of the browser. When you visit a foreign site that requires automated translation, and improved language recognition algorithm will recognize it more reliably.

UI changes are also on the way. Chrome Actions, which allows you to clear browsing data or open an incognito tab by typing (or speaking) in the address bar, is now available on iOS. In addition to displaying recent tabs, Chrome’s landing page will prioritize starting a new search or browsing frequently visited sites. Chrome’s settings menu will be easier to navigate and will highlight frequently used options.

Google cautions users that Chrome may utilize saved passwords in any iOS app, not just the browser. The feature has been available since October of last year, and instructions are available on this Google support page. Using Chrome’s built-in password manager is preferable to trying to remember all of your credentials or reusing passwords throughout the internet.

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