Google Lens for Chrome on desktop added a multi-search option earlier this week, allowing you to right-click a picture and select to search it using Google Lens.
Google will add three additional buttons to the bottom of the picture as part of the upcoming upgrade (search, translate, and text). The default tool will be searched, but the text tool will allow users to pick any text to copy, translate, search, and listen to, as well as select all alternatives.

New features will include faster access to optical character recognition (OCR) in the browser, according to 9to5Google. This feature is now incorporated into macOS, allowing you to retrieve picture texts quickly and easily.

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The web application is nearly identical to the mobile version. Any language will be detected automatically, and you may select your favorite language. Users can access recognized texts using for a more complete experience.

A discover image source option is now available to the user. By uploading photographs to Google Images, you’ll be able to find out where they came from.

Although it is unclear when these capabilities and modifications will be rolled out, they are now available on Windows, Chrome (100) for Mac, and Chrome OS devices.

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