Chips for chipmaking machines are one of the items in short supply due to chip shortages, according to Intel and Apple chipmaker TSMC executives.
According to 9To5Mac, purchasing new chipmaking machinery was never a quick process due to its intricacy and delicacy, but lead times were measured in months prior to the pandemic. While many analysts expect the chip shortfall to ease by the end of the year, the Wall Street Journal notes that chipmakers call that an unduly optimistic perspective.

What started as a pandemic-era blip in demand for laptops and other chip-hungry electronics has turned into a fundamental issue for the industry. Many semiconductor executives now predict that the problem will last until 2023 or 2024, if not longer.
Clients who make chipmaking machinery are given priority by some chipmakers.

Microchip Technology Inc. CEO Ganesh Moorthy said his business is now treating chip-equipment suppliers as priority customers, similar to how it treated medical-device manufacturers at the start of the Covid epidemic.

Intel and Apple chipmaker TSMC are among those advocating for wider use of this strategy.

The advantages of such a “multiplier impact” were emphasized in a recent industry white paper. According to the analysis, complex testing equipment necessitates 80 specialist chips that can be reprogrammed after production but then aids in the production of 320,000 identical chips each year.

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