A Chinese tech company has come up with an idea for a hypersonic flight plan. These flights will be able to fly at a speed of one mile per second and cover the long distance from Shanghai to New York in just two hours. Brand Space Transportation has released an animated video showing what space flights might look like.

These flights will have a rocket launcher that will boost the jet to the edge of space to fly at a speed of 7000 km per hour before it separates.

Hypersonic aircraft travel five times faster than the speed of sound. The website of the local Shanghai-based company says that the company plans to launch test flights by 2025 and the company plans to operate fully hypersonic flights globally by 2030.

The video shows passengers sitting in the plane without a spacesuit and oxygen masks. However, this type of flight will require a vertical landing.

The company announced in August last year that it had raised 300 million yuan for the project.

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