A Chinese company has stated that it is developing a “winged rocket” that will transport passengers from Beijing to New York in less than an hour. To put it another way, it will be both a rocket and a passenger airliner.

It was created by the Chinese business Space Transportation, which claims that this rocket-like aircraft (or aircraft-like rocket) will be able to transport passengers to far locations in a short amount of time as well as launch satellites and other equipment into space in the future. It will also be capable of departing from orbit.

It will be attached to the bottom of a big aircraft and lifted to a significant altitude, when it will separate and fire its rocket engine, allowing it to fly at breakneck speed to its target.

As a result, it will travel at a top speed of 7000 kilometers per hour, taking passengers from Beijing to New York in under an hour. It will spend the majority of its journey in orbit and, if necessary, will be used for space tourism. It will land vertically like a rocket when it reaches the desired position. Explain that space flight and the supply of various equipment in space is now a very costly enterprise.

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