Capcom Announces a Showcase of Upcoming Games, Capcom is the latest gaming company to create its own expo, with ambitions to introduce new games and provide information on forthcoming releases. Many gamers were disappointed when it was reported earlier in 2022 that E3 will not be held in either a digital or physical format this year.

Fans worried where their gaming news and revelations would come from with E3 being one of the year’s major displays. Following the cancellation of E3, a number of gaming firms have announced that events would be held in June to introduce new titles and offer insight on games currently in production. On June 14, for example, Xbox and Bethesda will have a demonstration, and now Capcom is disclosing its intentions for a similar event.

The Capcom Showcase was first announced on Twitter by the game business. On June 13, at 3 p.m. PT, a live-streamed digital event will commence, providing fans new information on everything Capcom. The event is expected to last roughly 35 minutes, which is somewhat longer than Sony’s last State of Play presentation but less than the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, which is expected to take up to 90 minutes. Then there’s the longer display, which will give fans even more in-depth views.

Capcom also promises in-depth information on projects that have previously been revealed, such as Street Fighter 6. Given that a gameplay clip for Street Fighter 6 was shown during Sony’s aforementioned State of Play event, fans will most certainly be looking for a better look at the game. There might possibly be a reference to the Street Fighter 6 leaks, which may have already revealed the game’s roster before launch.

Capcom has already addressed some of the leaks, and while Street Fighter is one of the company’s most popular IPs, there will likely be much more to cover in the 35 minutes allowed during the presentation. Fans recently learned that Resident Evil 4 will be remade, implying that Capcom will devote some time to showcasing it. Capcom, on the other hand, has been pretty silent in terms of news on a new Resident Evil game or DLC for Resident Evil: Village.

The Capcom Showcase will take place one day before the Xbox and Bethesda presentations, during the period designated for Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. Aside from Resident Evil and Street Fighter, some other Capcom franchises might get a surprise presentation. Some fans believe Capcom is hinting a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma after a new website for the RPG was discovered.

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