The Los Angeles Rams may be feeling self-conscious this morning. Following an event that provided the team with early access to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, various photographs and snippets from the game have surfaced on the internet. These leaks may be described as rampant.

The first image depicts the game’s planned multiplayer lobby, as shown in the tweet below. This photograph was initially released by NFL player Cameron Dicker, however they plainly realised their mistake and quickly withdrew it from their social media accounts. However, this is the internet, and once it was out there, the Call of Duty community caught wind of it and saved it for posterity.

Following that, we get a brief clip of gameplay footage shared by LA Rams’ Quentin Lake. It’s not much, simply the player reloading their rifle, but it’s more than the producer of Modern Warfare 2 was probably hoping for.

Finally, we have more or less confirmed that the Escape From Tarkov-inspired DMZ mode is on the way, with those three simple letters clearly visible in the image below.

In other Call of Duty news, a fluffy dog skin slated to appear in Warzone has been accused of plagiarism, prompting Activision to remove photos of the impending canine from their website.

More recently, Activision’s newest user stats reveal that the number of Call of Duty players has dropped over the past year, from 127 million in June 2021 to just 94 million this year.

Could the release of Modern Warfare 2 help the series? Only time will tell.

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