Call of Duty 2022 Teaser and Official Release Dates Revealed, Modern Warfare II is the game in question; there has been no official word on this next game, but according to Call of Duty’s release schedule, a new title should be ready in the autumn of 2022. Because Call of Duty is a game that brings people together through cross-platform and cross-gen compatibility, the game is likely to be released on all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, S, and PC.

Now, on to the leak: this fresh leak comes from RalphsValve, a reputable source. He’s supplied a lot of information in the past that has proven true, and this time it’s concerning Modern Warfare 2. Ralph recently tweeted an image with a countdown; the countdown was for 20 Days, 16 Minutes, and 20 seconds, and the text read ‘April 30th.’

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This countdown, according to Ralph, is for when the formal unveiling of Modern Warfare 2 will take place. In a subsequent tweet, he added that he believes the disclosure is set for a May release date. Take a look at RalphsValve’s Twitter postings below:

Naturally, because this information does not originate from an official source, gamers should treat it with caution. However, given that the game is expected to be released in the fall of 2022, a May unveiling does not seem out of the question. However, players will have to wait for an official announcement to learn for certain when Modern Warfare 2 will be released.

The game is set to be the official successor to the 2019 Modern Warfare game, and it will feature some over-the-top realism and violence in the action thanks to next-gen technology and the capabilities of next-gen platforms. Players can’t wait to learn more about the forthcoming COD game, and they should keep an eye out for any hints in the current COD games as well.

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