Boxing Legend Mike Tyson entered the arena of NFT with the launch of his NFT Mystery Box Collection. Swedish-based award-winning artist and FT artist Henrik Arie designed the NFT code for the Tyson Collection.

Henry has added the Beyonc Mystery Box NFT Series. According to Binance, in 2022, buyers will receive three free NFT airdrops. The Tyson NFT series also includes works of art and photographs of Tyson’s professional career.

A total of 15,000 ‘mystery boxes’ have been put up for sale, according to a statement issued by Baines. While each buyer will be able to buy a maximum of 50 mystery boxes.

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The Chemistry Box comes with 5 NFT designs, and 5 different Rare Levels along with Bronze (N), Silver (R), Gold (SR), Platinum (SSR), and Diamond (SSR). The statement further said that additional rewards will be given to the buyers of this NFT series

The statement added that additional prizes were also given to buyers of the NFT series, including artwork, including “Iron Mike” signed gloves, beads, T-shirts, and socks.

What is a non-fungal token?

The sale and purchase of digital assets through cryptocurrency are presented in the form of non-fungal tokens. But an image on a piece of paper would not be an NFT, but a digital image, the first YouTube video, Apple’s first code, or CNN’s first web page.

Simply put, any masterpiece created in digital or cyberspace would be called NFT.

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