A new teaser confirms that the long-awaited Nintendo Switch exclusive Bayonetta 3 will be released on October 28th. Platinum Games’ threequel was initially revealed roughly five years ago but has been dormant for the majority of that time. However, today’s extended video gives us a nice look at the game. Here you go:

“With her distinctive firearms and time-slowing Witch Time abilities, the titular Umbra Witch must battle a mystery enemy,” Nintendo adds. “This time, invading man-made bioweapons known as Homunculi are in Bayonetta’s sights.”

Bayonetta’s new Demon Masquerade ability will allow her to harness the demon tied to her weapon for “exciting action possibilities” and “hair-raising combinations.” Bayonetta may also call demons for “new, larger-than-life conflicts in which you have direct influence over the action.”

The tale of the game will take place in both Tokyo and the mountains of China, and you will be able to play as the “feisty” witch Viola and her demon friend Cheshire – the monster with the pretty enormous fangs in the top video.

On October 28th, a special edition version labeled the Trinity Masquerade Edition will also be available. It includes a 200-page art book as well as title pages for the whole trilogy.

In the meanwhile, the original Bayonetta will be released in physical form on September 30th.

Today marks the second day in a row that Nintendo has made a significant game announcement, despite the fact that the company elected not to broadcast a first-party Nintendo Direct during this year’s customary E3 timeslot. Kirby’s Dream Buffet, a downloadable game unique to the Nintendo eShop, was announced yesterday.

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