To compensate for the game’s partial nudity, Bayonetta 3 will offer a family-friendly option. Following the announcement of the game’s release date – October 28th – a tweet from Platinum Titles displays a video of a mode not seen in prior Bayonetta games.

It’s dubbed “Naive Angel Mode,” and it will totally cover the titular witch in all situations, as well as extra covering on her demonic form’s breasts.

Although the series is known for its strong comedy, the mode allows for a more family-friendly take on the game, which may lure younger players.

It’s not quite canon because Bayonetta’s skin-tight outfit is formed of her hair, which serves as a conduit for her mystical Wicked Weave powers – hence the nudity.

This has also allowed for some amusing moments during cutscenes.

In addition, this third game in the series will contain several Bayonettas (maybe a multiverse?) as well as a whole new playable character, Viola.

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