For the third time in the last five seasons, Liverpool has reached the UEFA Champions League final, a run that most clubs around the world would want. Some Liverpool fans in England, on the other hand, maybe more interested in determining whether a Liverpool victory in the competition will have a potential carryover benefit for their own club than in determining whether Liverpool can win their seventh European crown.

The Champions League victor, regardless of its domestic table result, automatically qualifies for the next year’s tournament, thanks to UEFA’s qualification structure. Some have speculated that if Liverpool wins the Champions League, the European qualification berths in England will be reshuffled.

Arsenal was the first team outside of the automatic Champions League qualification spots, finishing fifth in the Premier League rankings. Could Arsenal be upgraded to a Champions League slot if Liverpool wins the Champions League and takes the automatic qualification spot given to the competition’s winner?

The amount of Champions League slots for each European domestic league is determined by UEFA’s “country coefficients,” which are derived based on the relative strength of each nation’s league, largely taking into account that league’s recent finishes in Champions League action.

Due to Premier League clubs’ recent dominance in the Champions League, England is the top-ranked nation in the UEFA coefficient rankings, followed by Spain, Italy, and Germany.

The top four finishers in their respective domestic leagues gain four direct entries into the Champions League group round.

France and Portugal are the next two nations to qualify for the Champions League, with two teams going straight to the group stage and the third-placed team in the domestic standings earning a spot in the third qualifying round.

In a similar manner, the remaining Champions League group stage and qualification berths are distributed. This year, though, there is a new wrinkle: Russia has been disqualified from all European contests as a result of the aftermath of its invasion of Ukraine.

As a result, the coefficient rankings for all teams below Russia have risen one spot. As a result, Scotland will receive automatic participation in the group stage, which will be awarded to the Scottish champion.

As previously noted, the previous winner of the competition has already been guaranteed a spot in the Champions League group stage, regardless of how well it performs in its domestic league.

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So, since Liverpool has already won a top-four berth in the Premier League, does this indicate that if Liverpool defeats Real Madrid for the 2022 European title, another Premier League team might qualify for the Champions League?

UEFA instead goes down to the next division according to its coefficient ranking, rather than awarding that extra berth to a fifth team from the Premier League. The first nation on the list that does not already have an automatic group stage slot gets the vacant group stage spot.

Because Russia was eliminated from the competition, the prize was granted to the team that finished 12th, Ukraine. Because Real Madrid and Liverpool have already qualified for next year’s competition regardless of the outcome of the finals, Ukraine’s undisputed champion will play in the group stages.

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