Intel seemed to be failing to make any progress in the GPU circuit. Although its laptop Arc cards were released not long ago, the desktop models have yet to be seen. With Nvidia about to deliver its RTX 40 series shortly, likely in July, and AMD preparing to introduce RDNA 3, it’s becoming clear that team blue will have a lot of catching up to do with the rest. Unfortunately, the situation for the IT behemoth does not look to be improving.

According to a recent video from Moore’s Law Is Dead YouTube channel, Intel may not be ready to market desktop Arc cards until Q4 of this year, according to sources. This might place the publication date anywhere between October and December, which is a long distance from what was initially planned. Of course, it’s still only a rumor, but the MLID host claims the sources are trustworthy. All of this, together with the data, appears to indicate that the tech giant is dragging its feet when it comes to desktop GPUs.

There had been prior speculations that Intel might not release the Arc desktop cards until August, which would be a month later than expected. While the firm hasn’t commented on the purported delays and pushbacks, many are assuming that, while the hardware is finalized and nearly ready, it’s the drivers that are holding things up. However, it appears like Intel will be left in the dust by its newest competitors as time passes. Around the 15-minute point of the video below, information concerning the suspected Arc delay is revealed.

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With Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace GPUs on the horizon, the next generation of graphics hardware technology is on the horizon, with team red biting at the heels of its greatest adversary, but not near as far behind as Intel looks to be. On top of that, there’s the persistent deficit, which has been plaguing the IT industry for at least a year and a half.

With Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger predicting that the chip scarcity might last until 2024, it appears that finding a new graphics card or current-gen console will be tough. With reports claiming that team blue won’t be ready to showcase their Arc desktop cards until later this year, chances that the CPU behemoth may give Nvidia and AMD a run for their money are dwindling.

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