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Apple is working on a subscription model for future hardware products, including iPhones.

If this subscription model is implemented, consumers will no longer be able to own Apple products but pay a monthly rent to use them, like paying a rental home.

Although the program is still under construction, the report states that the subscription service could be introduced by 2023.The service will include Apple Care and Apple One plans

The report further states that users will be able to subscribe or rent hardware from an Apple ID or Apple Store account.It will not have an installment payment program but will depend on which device you choose.

Participants in the program will also have the option to change their device when the new model is introduced.Keep in mind that Apple usually introduces new hardware products once a year.

But many times it’s even different, as if in March 2022 Apple introduced the iPhone SE, a new iPad Air and Mac Studio during the Pack Performance event.However, the report did not specify which countries the subscription program would be for.

Apple has not commented on the report.

Earlier, Apple also planned to launch the Do It Yourself repair program in 2021.

Apple said on the occasion that it would release online manuals to help repair iPhones, Macs and other products, and would offer to purchase the tools needed to fix them.

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