Apple may improve the Apple Watch and the iMac in the future. An Apple Watch with satellite connectivity and an M3-based version of the company’s desktop could be in the works, according to Mark Gurman’s Sunday email for Bloomberg.

According to Gurman, a tech reporter with a track record of unearthing data about impending Apple products, the M3-based iMacs might arrive as early as the end of next year, while the Apple Watch could get the enhanced emergency feature this year or in 2023.

When you’re out of cellular service range in an emergency, satellite connection, which was rumoured for the iPhone 13 but never materialised, would allow you to send brief SMS to selected contacts. The iPhone 14 is also expected to get the functionality this autumn.

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Many information about Apple’s M3 chip for the iMac are unknown, but the company has apparently been testing its next generation of in-house chips, the M2 chips series, in many new Mac models that might be released later this year. A MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and an entry-level MacBook Pro are among the models available.

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