Anker Launches Its First 3D Printer, Which Comes With A Social Media Camera, Anker is best known for its battery packs and docking stations, but the company is also branching out into 3D printing. The AnkerMake M5, the company’s first 3D printer, has been revealed. It promises to be extremely quick.

Instead of retail locations or its own web store, the M5 will launch as a Kickstarter project, where anyone may donate money to help build a product, though it’ll most likely be treated like a presale store in actuality. (Before and after a campaign finishes, check Kickstarter’s terms to learn about your refund rights.)

With a print speed of 250 millimeters per second, the M5 can print “five times quicker than typical 3D printers,” according to the firm. The Anycubic Vyper, our top overall printer right now, has an average print speed of roughly 80 mm/s.

The M5 has a build area of 235 by 235 by 250mm, putting it in the center of the pack for mainstream or beginner-friendly 3D printers. It also comes with a PEI-covered flexible steel sheet to aid model removal.

Anker is also investing substantially in artificial intelligence (AI) and social printing. The M5 has a 1080p camera that can be used to shoot time-lapse films of in-progress prints and easily share them on social media. For example, TikTok has a booming 3D printing community, with over 9 billion views of the hashtag #3dprinting.

Having a webcam allows you to keep an eye on your print from afar. Anker promises that an app put on your phone will notify you if your print fails due to its built-in AI. You can also use the app to connect numerous printers and control every part of the printing process from afar. To start and stop printing, the AnkerMake supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands.

A filament runout sensor detects when the material breaks or runs out, as well as an auto bed levelling system and a heated bed, allowing you to print with a variety of materials. These are quite typical on a printer at this pricing point, although they’re less prevalent in 3D printers that start on Kickstarter.

Starting April 6, the AnkerMake M5 will be available on Kickstarter. The first presale price is as low as $429, with a final retail price of $759.

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