The yearly salary of Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA FIFA and Battlefield producer, has been cut from $39.2 million to $19.9 million. When EA accepted “stockholder feedback” after a non-binding but significant say-on-pay vote, the nearly $20 million salary decrease was first hinted at last summer.

In essence, investors complained that EA’s executives were receiving compensation awards from the business money pot that were both excessively high and frequent. EA responded by announcing “significant modifications” to CEO compensation.

Now, a recent corporate file seen by Axios verifies that. A $18 million stock award makes up the majority of Wilson’s compensation for the fiscal year that ends on March 31. Wilson received a comparable award of $30 million the year before.

Wilson’s base compensation was also increased by 3.2 percent, bringing it to $1.3 million annually. This increase is “in accordance with Company-wide base salary merit increases for exceptional performers,” according to Wilson.

The company’s board of directors used the fact that EA had adhered to its release schedule, maintained live services online, grown engagement, increased workforce diversity, and obtained high employee satisfaction ratings to justify the hikes.

However, not everything was perfect; I’m looking at you, Battlefield 2042.

In their most recent filing, EA stated that “FIFA 22 was the strongest FIFA ever.” With monthly active players climbing more than 35% year over year, “[EA] developed Apex Legends into one of the most successful live services in the business.” Battlefield 2042’s results, however, “neutralised” part of this triumph.

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