Last year, the iPhone 13 series set new sales records despite the global economy suffering due to Corona. On the other hand, iPhone enthusiasts started speculating about the features and release date of the iPhone 14.

Carming Chi Kevin, an insider technologist and former analyst at international financial firm TF International Securities, has released a key leak regarding the iPhone 16 series. According to Ming, Apple will introduce 16 series in 2024 with significant changes to the code display.

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He added that this would be Apple’s first full-screen phone without a bezel. It will also be the first iPhone to have an unders display Face ID and an under-screen camera.

In this regard, Ming further said that Apple is planning to market high end iPhone in 2024, and in this context it is working to make its screen better.

Kim released a leak last month regarding the Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Pro screen. According to which the iPhone 14 will be provided with a 6.06 inch flexible OLEAD while the 14 Pro will be provided with a 6.06 inch flexible OLEAD LTPO screen.

The iPhone 14 Max will be equipped with a 6.68-inch flexible ULEAD and the iPhone 14 Promex will be equipped with a 6.68-inch OLEAD touch screen.

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