Amazon’s major breakthrough for satellite broadband, US technology giant Amazon has placed its largest-ever rocket order for its satellite project. Rajiv Badial, vice president of technology at Amazon’s Project Kuiper, says: “We want to provide satellite broadband to every part of the world, for which Amazon has the largest commercial rocket deal for a 10 billion satellite broadband network.”

He said that the company has partnered with various rocket manufacturing companies to reduce the cost of the project. The US retail and technology giant has also partnered with European companies Arya Space, United Launch Alliance, and Blue Origin (the company also owned by Amazon founder and executive chairman Jeff Bezos) to launch 83 rockets over a five-year period.

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Amazon’s Project Kuiper will provide a cluster of 3,236 lightweight satellites in the Earth’s orbit. Which will provide internet to every region of the world.

The project is designed to compete with Elon Musk’s Starlink and the British government’s OneWeb projects. The project will provide stable internet to consumers, businesses, mobile operators, emergency relief agencies as well as around the world.

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