Ubisoft has responded to a recent story saying that Roller Champions would be terminated after its third season, stating that the game “isn’t getting canceled” and that it “completely supports” the project.

Despite only releasing in May, Ubisoft’s free-to-play sports game was reaching the end of its existence, according to the ever-leaky Jeff Grubb during a part on the Xbox Era podcast over the weekend.

In response, Ubisoft has issued a statement on Twitter denying the rumours and stating that “Roller Champions will not be cancelled.” While an impending demise does not appear to be in the cards, Ubisoft has announced that Roller Champions’ current season, Disco Fever, would be extended in order to “concentrate on what our players have informed us needs improving.”

This work, it adds, “supersedes all other priorities,” and the development team will release a patch with cross-invites (along with a slew of improvements) “so that we deliver on the game’s promise as a fundamentally social experience.” It also said that it will “take sufficient time to resolve the issues our players have raised as irritants” before launching a new season.

“We can tell you that we have interesting things planned for the next seasons,” it continues. “We strongly believe, however, that before we provide new material, we must do right by our players, which is why we are taking the necessary time.”

“You can be certain,” Ubisoft says, “we’ll keep you updated as we go.”

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