Beautiful gift from Google for Android users on Earth Day, US technology giant Google has released beautiful wallpapers for Android phone users on the occasion of Earth Day. According to the Android publishing website ‘Android Police’, these beautiful wallpapers can brighten the screen of your phone on the occasion of ‘World Earth Day which will be celebrated all over the world on the 22nd of April.

Introducing these wallpapers, Google’s official tweet states that users with Pixel 3 and later models can view them within the ‘Wallpapers and Style’ section in Settings.

Released on the occasion of World Earth Day, these wallpapers feature colorful flowers, lush green spaces, and landscapes. The release of these wallpapers, designed by Google’s creative team, is aimed at raising awareness about Earth Day as well as welcoming spring.

Josephina Shargorka, head of the team that designed the wallpapers, says: “These designs have a message for human beings, reflecting the natural beauty, while the vibrant colors used in them express spring. ‘

These wallpapers have been released exclusively for Pixel phones but users with other models can also download them from this link.

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