7 Upcoming features of Instagram: Instagram, the photo and video sharing app, is one of the most popular applications in this category. Keeping in view the growing popularity of Instagram, its founder company Meta has announced to add of seven unique features to fulfill the long-standing desire of its users.

The blog released by Meta states that new features will soon be released for users of its video-sharing application. According to Meta, these features allow users to reply to messages as well as share content directly from the feed.

Instagram users will also be given the feature of sharing music previews and sending messages silently. The blog states that this application, which is owned by Meta, will also include another feature of the nature of messaging app WhatsApp, through which users will be able to see which users are online for chat.

One of these features of Instagram is the ability to reply to any message while browsing the main feed. As soon as a message is received during scrolling, users will be able to reply to it without having to go to the Direct Messages section.

Some of the features to be added to Instagram will be introduced in the style of WhatsApp, the only application of Meta. Meta has not announced a release date for these features, and they are still in the testing phase.

However, according to websites reporting developments on social media platforms, many features will be released to the general public by the middle of the year.

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