Google Phone Camera Search Feature Brings, Google launched two new search tools on Wednesday that use pictures from the web or photos taken in stores, as part of the company’s drive to go beyond words in a search box.

Scene Explorer, a feature revealed at Google I/O, allows users to sweep their phone camera across a shelf of items at a supermarket or pharmacy to recognize the objects in view. According to search chief Prabhakar Raghavan, Google then overlays product information and reviews on the screen so you may choose snacks without nuts or scent-free ointment. The Google Lens app has been expanded.

“Scene explorer is a powerful skill in our gadgets’ ability to perceive the environment the way humans do,” Raghavan explained. “It’s like having a supercharged Control-F [find shortcut] key for the entire planet.”

In a blog post, Google stated that scene explorer will be included in its search capabilities, although it did not specify when this would happen.

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Another new feature is Google’s multimodal search, which mixes text and visuals into a single query. You may now tailor searches to nearby results by adding the “near me” phrase. For example, Raghavan explained that you may combine a photo of an unfamiliar food with the phrase “near me” to identify a restaurant that serves it nearby. For English speakers, this function will be available later this year.

Google’s original service, and the one that launched it into the multi-product behemoth it is today. It is still a vital aspect of Google’s aim to make knowledge useful to the world’s population, and search advertisements are still the company’s single largest income stream.

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Google also announced a new 10-tone Monk Skin Tone Scale to increase diversity in its AI training data, search results, and other operations during Google I/O.

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